About Lethbridge Dairy Mart Ltd.

We are dedicated to providing innovative technologies, systems, products, and services to our agricultural customers with the highest level of integrity, thereby giving exceptional values.

We are recognized as a leading farm and dairy supply company through our dedication to understanding customer needs and providing high quality products, support and service.

Our Team

General ManagerDerek Kreftderek@lethbridgedairymart.ca
Office AdministratorConnie Stellaconnie@lethbridgedairymart.ca
Service ManagerMat Holdstockmat@lethbridgedairymart.ca
Purchasing ManagerMiriam Veldjesgraafmiriam@lethbridgedairymart.ca
SalesJoel Maljaarsjoel@lethbridgedairymart.ca
SalesMike Savenkomike@lethbridgedairymart.ca
Front Counter and Parts SalesWhitney Van Bezooyenwhitney@lethbridgedairymart.ca
ElectricalRory Schamberrory@lethbridgedairymart.ca
Service and Installation DepartmentDan Vossebelt
Kyle Zmurchyk
Stephen Oskam
Route Truck Sales - Promilk SpecialistCurtis Kreftcurtis@lethbridgedairymart.ca


Scheduled ServiceHank Slingerland
Shipping & ReceivingThomas Heatlie