Dohrmann Applicator


The DE-25 Applicator is a complete 25 gallon applicator, including our new flat surface mounting brackets. The pump unit is mounted directly on the tank and consists of a 12 volt, 3 valve pump. This unit has both excellent priming and self filling capabilities. Application rates are controlled with a manual pressure regulator. Our 2 nozzle assembly (included) is universal and will mount on any small square or round baler, chopper or blower. The pump unit has 30’ of heavy power cord and a manual on-off switch. For use with pull-type choppers, the CM-1 Chopper Mount is required.


CM-1 Chopper Mount

The CM-1 Chopper Mounting Kit is a universal mount designed to mount either a DE-45 or DE-25 Applicator on a pull-type chopper. Nuts and bolts are included.



The DE-1000 Dohrect Enject System has a 10 gallon insulated container which is large enough to mix up to 1000 treatable ton of product per tank fill. Smaller batches may easily be made using the graduation on the inside of the tank marking every gallon. Calibration has been made easy. Each DE-1000 includes the New FM-1000 Flowmeter. At the end of the day, if there is any product remaining, ice packs may be added for overnight storage or the unit can easily be removed for refrigeration. To use this applicator with a pull-type chopper, the CM-2 Chopper Mount is required.


CM-2 Chopper Mount

The CM-2 Chopper Mounting Kit can be used for mounting the DE-1000 Dohrect Enject System on pull-type choppers or baggers. The concentrate solution can be mixed accordingly for these applications.








JDRD Mounting Kit

The JDRD is a mounting kit designed for mounting our DE-25 Applicator on John Deere Round Balers. This mounting kit may be adapted to be used for other round balers as well. The JDRD also includes our easy mount round baler nozzle bars with U-Bolts for easy placement on round balers.