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Cow Brush

Easy for cows to activate — due to its optimal design, the brush element and the drive can be easily and gently lifted by the cow. The brush will start when the control detects movement. After start-up the brush will rotate for approximately 60 seconds. The next time the motion sensor is activated, the brush will start in the opposite direction of rotation. This change of rotation substantially improves the lifetime of the bristles, has a self-cleaning effect and prevents flattening of the bristle fibers.

Improved cow comfort and cleanliness — the brush from GEA Farm Technologies is designed for dairy cattle housed in freestall barns. The brush is made of bristle rings in two alternating diameters. This better accommodates the natural shape of the cow. Due to this unique brush shape, the cow’s head, back and tailhead can be more effectively cleaned.

Reliable and durable construction — to provide a much higher resistance against wear, the brush is made from nylon fiber material instead of polypropylene. The nylon bristle hairs will stay upright longer, ensuring a better brushing result.


E-Brush (horizontal)


The horizontal design of the E-Brush ensures cleaning and brushing where it is most needed — on the cow’s back, tail and head. Tohe pendulum design ensures optimum counter pressure.



M-Brush (diagonal)


The diagonal design of the M-Brush cleans the cow’s back and down her sides. Unlike free-hanging vertical brushes, the stationary rotation ensures greater counter pressure.