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How do Probiotics work in Dairy cattle?

Probiotics stimulate the rumen by supplying nutrients to rumen bacteria thus producing enzymes. These enzymes catalyze rumen fermentation assisting fiber digestion and feed utilization. Dairymans Choice® is highly recommended for calf starter rations and diets of high producing cows and is to be added at a rate of 2.2 kgs per 1000 kgs (1 tonne) of feed. Dairymans Choice® is a concentrated source of live yeast culture and enzymes, to be used as an animal feed additive. Three principal digestive enzymes which aid in digestion are sourced from enzymes. Probiotics produce amylase and protease enzymes known to assist animal digestion. Probiotics also produce nutrients which feed and stimulate digestive bacteria in the gut. It is palatable, stimulates appetite and is a recognized source of B-vitamins, minerals and other nutritional factors.

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How do probiotics work in calves?

Calves are born with a bacteria-free gut. It is necessary to immediately establish lactobacilli populations shortly after birth; otherwise, pathogenic organisms can populate the gut and cause production problems. The use of probiotics during stressful periods will maintain a favourable microbial balance in the gut. The microbial balance in the gut is upset during times of stress by decreasing lactobacilli levels and increasing pathogenic bacterial levels. This results in morbidity and mortality problems. It is important in times of stress to ensure the delicate balance of the calf's intestinal tract is kept undisturbed.

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