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Manure Separators

Many equipment configurations offered in order to put in place the right separation system that will make your manure management beneficial


This cascading roller press system compresses the fibre found in manure to extract the liquid and obtain dry matter. Choose among multiple equipment configurations to get the proper solid output for composting or to produce green bedding. Platform and stand sold separately



Separator constructed with a rotary screen utilizing gravity to extract the liquid contained in manure. The resulting fibre is redirected to a cascading roller press system.


Sloped Screen Separator

To filter the waste water from a flush system and to recycle the collected liquid for flush reuse. The Sloped Screen Separator can be combined with a 8 FT XPress to collect even more liquid to feed an irrigation system.



Reduces various types of material into small pieces protecting your equipment, such as a separation system




Power Take-Off Pumps and Agitators

Power take-off pumps and agitators designed specifically to agitate and transfer your stored manure to our liquid manure spreaders

Vertical Pumps

Agi-Pompe and Super Pump available in 6 configurations:


Lagoon Pumps

Several models of Agi-Pompe and Super Pump available including 5 undercarriage models



Multipurpose Undercarriage

To be used in a concrete pit measuring up to 16' (4,8 m) deep






Articulated Pumps

Agi-Pompe and Super Pompe. Articulated Agi-Pompe with optional Articulated Loading Pipe and Articulated Housing




Large screw for faster agitation without spatter and with less odors






Electric Pumps

High performance pumps to transfer dairy and hog manure, dairy waste water or to feed a flush system.

Customized Electric Pumps

Several models of pumps are each specifically designed to offer maximum performance Whether for developing a high pumping head (4" High Pressure Pump) or providing a high flow rate, there is a pump to suit your needs.






Electric Pumps for Dairy Manure

Provide high performance pumping and efficient agitation. Transfer dairy manure from the reception pit to the main storage.








Electric Pumps for Hog Manure and Dairy Waste Water

Effective pumps that agitate and transfer hog manure or dairy waste water from the reception pit to the main storage.






Electric Pumps on Pontoon

Pumps available:




Hydraulic Piston Pumps

Hydraulic piston pumps with underground transfer line designed to evacuate manure at different consistencies.


This modular piston pump provides a constant pumping flow rate to transfer thicker manure long distances (consistency between 1/16" and 1 1/2" (2 to 38 mm)). Ideal to feed a separation system or a digester.





The twin piston pump offers a steady pumping flow to transfer liquid containing less than 10% of solids long distances.



Electromix System

The Electromix pump combined with the electric agitator homogenizes solid manure and liquid into slurry. For evacuation on great distances.




Pump with large flapper valves actuated by manure pressure to evacuate free stall slurry containing sand or limited bedding.




Well known for over 35 years, the Magnum is still the pump you can rely on to transfer dairy manure with or without bedding. Several configurations available to suit tie stall as well as free stall barns.




Free Stall Cleaner Systems

Wide range of cable, chain or hydraulic alley and cross gutter cleaners to perfectly suit your needs.


Wide line of scrapers available to clean concrete and rubber alleys as well as slatted floors.






Cross Gutter Cleaner with Cable

Designed to clean a single cross gutter in a free stall barn with sand or limited bedding.



Hydraulic Gutter Cleaner

To clean a single or multiple gutters of different lengths with only 1 power unit.



H-86 Reversible Drive Unit

7/8" (22 mm) or pintle chains.



Cable Drive Units

Line of drive units with 30", 42" and 60" (76, 106 and 155 cm) diameter drums

Motors available : 3/4 to 2 HP (0.5 to 1.5 kW)




Barn Cleaners

Tough and durable, these elevators and barn cleaners are exactly what you need to efficiently manage the manure from tie stall barns.

Barn Cleaner Elevator

H-2000, H-2000 suspended, H-4000 and H-8000 models

All steel construction


H-86 Heavy-Duty Drive Unit





H-95 Extra Heavy-Duty Drive Unit

Larger diameter sprocket to reduce tension on the roller chain.





7/8" (22 mm) chain, pintle chain and hook and eye chain.






Liquid Manure Spreaders and Tool Bars

Liquid manure spreaders designed for all types of manure, as well as tool bars for injection or top soil application.

Steerable Spreaders

EL48 Series with 4, 6 or 8 wheels

Exclusive powersteering system and superior quality hydraulic suspension. Capacity: 3850 to 9500 US gal. (12700 to 35900 L)


Tandem Spreaders

EL54, EL66 and EL84 Series.

Tandem reinforced by a full-length centre tube to better resist torsion compared to standard open tandems. Capacity: 2350 to 6000 US gal. (8780 to 22750 L)



Stainless Steel Tank

Lightweight, they minimize soil compaction and offer a better resistance against corrosion. Available on EL48 and EL54 Series.




Tool Bar with 22" Concave Disc Incorporators

Pressurized tool bar to maintain a constant load on discs to follow the contour of the ground. Very efficient on harvested fields with a large quantity of crop residue.




38' Tool Bar with Three Deflectors

For spreading hog and dairy manure containing bedding at a rate of up to 1800 US gpm (6819 lpm)




Tool Bar with Flex Drop Hoses

Low spreading tool bar to gravity-apply manure directly on the ground, reducing odor.