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Magnum 90i™

Individual indexing parallel stall

Engineered for the demands of large commercial dairies.



Magnum 90i™ VL

Individual indexing parallel stall with vertical lift exit gate

Elevate your milking operation to new heights with the vertical lift!



Challenger 40 36" & 42"

Challenger series herringbone stalls

The classic herringbone stall that delivers high value at a competitive price



Challenger 90

The classic parallel stall that delivers high value at a competitive price

The Challenger 90 is a full-featured, value-oriented parallel stall that sets high standards of performance for new or existing dairies.



AutoRotor™ Magnum 90

Rotary Milking Parlors

Magnum 90 — The Next Revolution

For more than two decades rotary parlors have revolutionized dairy production around the world — by increasing cow flow, reducing labor and improving overall operating efficiency. Today, the GEA Farm Technologies AutoRotor Magnum parlor brings the next generation of rotary technology to the dairy industry.



AutoRotor™ Global

The solution to performance

AutoRotor efficiency in a low-maintenance, extremely durable parlor

The GEA Farm Technologies AutoRotor Global integrates innovative features into the proven GEA Farm Technologies AutoRotor concept. With the AutoRotor Global, customers can choose the options that best fit the needs of their dairy. This allows them to select the features that will yield the maximum return on their investment.

Superior rotary technology means more cows per man hour than with traditional parlors. The clean design, with no overhead lines or pipes, makes the GEA Farm Technologies AutoRotor Global easier to clean and maintain.

It is efficient, low-maintenance and extremely durable. The AutoRotor Global will bring performance solutions to your operation.

Other features that make the AutoRotor Global an exceptional value

Offering more choices and options to meet your exact needs

GEA Farm Technologies is the market leader with over 1,000 AutoRotors in service today. Our experience is our greatest asset with proven technology and know-how to assist you in the design and layout of your milking center to maximize your investment.



AutoRotor™ PerFormer

Designed for Today’s Commercial Dairy Operations

AutoRotor™ PerFormer — Proven Efficiency, Performance, and Reliability

Custom Design Your Own Milking Center

The AutoRotor PerFormer offers dairy producers a rotary parlor stall that can be built to meet individual farm management styles while reaching individual milk production and profitability goals.

Design a milking facility that meets your labor requirements, works with your milking procedures, and provides the highest of standards when it comes to cow comfort, cow safety, and operator ease.

The AutoRotor PerFormer offers flexible options for today’s commercial dairy:

Ruggedly Built for 24/7 Operation — With Low Maintenance and Long Life



Subway Mounting System

Improve appearance and efficiency



Medallion® Series Cabinets

A sleek way to protect your parlor

The Medallion® series cabinet systems combine attractive parlor automation packaging with excellent equipment protection.