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Pulsation Systems

Setting the standard for durable and consistent pulsation


Detacher controlled pulsation systems

Electronically efficient diaphragm pulsators

The Stimopuls Apex M and Autopuls Apex M connect directly to the detacher control — operated by the Metatron 21 Premium and Select, DemaTron 70, DemaTron 60 and 60S, and DeMax 55 and 55S systems. No additional power supplies or control are required for a simplified installation.

Stimopuls Apex M

Provides individual pre-milking stimulation as well as the best milking operator — animals are stimulated individually depending on milkability and stage of lactation. With electronic stimulation the milk yield per cow may be increased. Stimulation is achieved through intensive massaging effect of the liner.

Autopuls Apex M

Offers state of the art pulsation with flexibility of rates and ratios. The Autopuls Apex M has all of the features mentioned to the left without stimulation capabilities.

Advantages of Stimopuls pulsation.

Better milk letdown, more effective milk-out — 30 to 60 seconds of stimulation prior to milking releases Oxytocin, the milk letdown hormone. The maximum effect of Oxytocin lasts only five minutes, so it’s critical to begin milking immediately after stimulation. Premature attachment of a milking unit without proper stimulation slows the milking process and leaves milk in the udder at the end of milking. This milk is highest in butterfat content, so you may be missing the most valuable milk at the end of each milking.

More efficient than manual stimulation — as herd numbers grow and labor costs increase, it becomes increasingly difficult to provide 30 to 60 seconds of manual stimulation for each cow. You’ll save time and effort with Stimopuls Apex M because you can put the milking unit on the cow immediately. What’s more, electronic stimulation is consistent no matter who does the milking and the rate can be customized to each cow.


Master controlled diaphragm pulsation systems

Durable and accurate pulsators to fit any milking system

Centralpuls Apex Z

Autopuls Apex Z Pulsator


Stand alone pulsator

An efficient way to customize pulsation

Autopuls Apex P


Stand alone pulsation systems

The industry standard for reliability


Direct acting pulsation controllers

Standard or ProForm control for any installation style

ProForm Control

Standard Pulsation Control


Vacuum operated pulsator

The standard for vacuum pulsators

Vacupuls Constant Pulsator


Pulsation accessories

Pulsation Hose

Original pulsation tubing from GEA Farm Technologies is available in distinctive green with an orange stripe, clear with a green stripe, and black with a green stripe, and it comes in various sizes. This tubing is also designed to be flexible and light, which ensures easy handling and provides positive, consistent air flow so the pulsation functions in the most difficult and challenging of applications. The pulsation tubing is also resistant to chemicals, sunlight and ozone ensuring dependable operation during its recommended service life.


PMD 24/7™ & PMD 24/7™ NetWork

Pulsation monitoring devices

PMD 24/7

PMD 24/7 Network

System optimization

Maximizing your equipment to deliver better milking performance

System optimization ensures that your milking equipment (pulsation, vacuum, liners and accessories) is operating at peak performance for the best cow milking possible. Your GEA Farm Technologies dealer provides this valuable expertise with their knowledge, top equipment, and the tools to evaluate your system to make sure everything is operating efficiently.

To keep your system in peak operating condition, it is important to always keep your pulsators and other milking equipment components on a scheduled maintenance program. In addition, by working with your GEA Farm Technologies dealer you can be assured that your system is analyzed to its fullest, using our Tri-Scan II monitoring device. The Tri-Scan II allows your dealer to evaluate the performance of your pulsation system, identifying any potential problems. Also, system vacuum and liner performance are analyzed to ensure proper cow milking, while improving milk yields and cow comfort.

With the complete pulsation equipment family from GEA Farm Technologies, the knowledge of your local dealer, and our system analysis tools, you can count on GEA Farm Technologies to deliver the best cow milking on your operation.