Stockmans Choice® Probiotics

Probiotic Paste & Vitamin, Mineral & Active Dry Yeast Supplement

Why use Stockmans Choice® for your sheep?

You're in business to keep costs down and profits up....right! Sheep off-feed can cost you valuable production time! So, here's the "Natural Way" to protect your investment...

Stockmans Choice® is a concentrated source of plant enzymes and bacillus bacteria to be used orally in paste form and as a top dress or feed mix in supplement form. The principal digestive enzyme protease aids in the digestion of protein. Probiotics also produce nutrients, which feed and stimulate digestive bacteria in the gut. Shipping, ration or management changes, severe environmental conditions, antibiotic therapy and any stress can result in sheep and lambs going off feed, and these are ideal times for using Stockmans Choice®. The unique combination of enzymes in Stockmans Choice® stimulates appetite and helps ensure a consistent population of natural acid bacteria. Stockmans Choice® promotes the growth of lactobacillus in the gut. Reliable and stable protease enzymes and bacillus bacteria are key ingredients in our probiotic products, and used to ensure quick delivery of digestive aids to the gut with predictable results Stockmans Choice® is palatable, helps stimulate appetite and is a recognized source of B-vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The benefits of using Stockmans Choice® for Sheep and Lambs


Vitamin & Enzyme Supplement Paste

Vitamin, Mineral & Active Dry Yeast Supplement