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Armor™ Antiseptic Iodine Barrier

Armor is the first iodine barrier teat dip that meets all standards required by the Veterinary Drug Directorate at Health Canada.


Armor mastitis protection system

Armor acts as a lethal shield of protection fighting against mastitis-causing organisms. A “total” protection system, Armor kills bacteria on contact, contains excellent skin conditioning qualities, forms a long-lasting protective shield around the teat and reactivates if moistened for continued protection against a broad spectrum of mastitis-causing organisms.

The economics

The total cost of mastitis can range from $200 to $300 per cow per year. Managing mastitis infections demands a systematic approach to controlling the variables. Controlling the cow’s environment, managing pre- and post-milking procedures and maintaining clean and conditioned teats are critical to herd health and higher profits. Every $1 spent on mastitis control returns $5 in additional income (International Dairy Federation). Let Armor be the shield that protects your herd against the lethal effects of mastitis.


Armor antiseptic iodine barrier teat dip is proven to reduce new intramammary infections by an average of greater than 85% versus no teat dip in experimental challenge testing consistent with procedures outlined by the NMC.

In addition, Armor was highly effective in several field trials on dairies. These results confirm how the barrier protection of Armor kills key environmental and contagious mastitis-causing organisms on contact.



Teat-Kote® and Theratec®

Features & Benefits

Emollient Enhanced

Glycerin is the key emollient that keeps teats soft and pliable, even in the harshest conditions. It provides unparalleled skin conditioning and moisture balance.

Prove Mastitis Protection

Powerful, research-tested formulations quickly kill mastitis-causing pathogens and provide lasting protection under the toughest environments.

Dark Brown Color

Excellent coating ability and dark staining color allows for quick and easy visual confirmation that teats have been dipped.

Ready to Use

No mixing, diluting or stirring required.

Controlled pH

Protects teats from irritation while providing full-force bacteria kill power.

Natural Formulation

No dyes or thickeners added. Dries quickly so that bedding material doesn’t adhere to teats.


Teat-Kote® 10/III

1% Antiseptic Iodine Post Dip with Added Emollient

Teat Kote 10/III features superior skin conditioning with increased emollient and is proven to achieve unmatched mastitis and skin protection. The thick formulation provides the perfect balance of quick-kill pathogen protection and exceptional skin conditioning.


1% Antiseptic Iodine Post Dip

Teat-Kote’s formulation for increased fighting protection and staying power provides constant defense in the heaviest environmental conditions. The dark brown color provides visual confirmation of proper application.

Theratec® Plus

0.5% Antiseptic Iodine Pre & Post Teat Dip with Added Emollient

Theratec Plus is an emollient enhanced version of the producer-trusted Theratec teat dip. The thick iodine formula adheres to teats, preventing mastitis-causing bacteria from entering the teat canal.


0.5% Antiseptic Iodine Pre & Post Teat Dip

Theratec is an effective pre-and-post iodine teat dip formulated with all the iodine power needed to kill common mastitis-causing pathogens quickly, while protecting teat condition.