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Sun-North Systems Ltd is the leading international manufacturer, distributor and installer of Natural Ventilation products. Sun-North Systems Ltd’s line of curtains, panels and exhaust systems are controlled by state of the art electronic controls will improve the level of comfort in all forms of livestock confinement buildings while dramatically lowering traditional energy costs.

Sun-North Ventilation


Envira North

Envira-North Systems Ltd. is thrilled with the positive response to their Altra-Air Fan with WhalePower Technology™. These fans are a green power breakthrough which allows our High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans to deliver previously impossible levels of performance. Our energy efficient ceiling fans features a five-bladed design that can move more air than ever before with 20 percent more efficiency.

Envira North’s dairy fan provides cow cooling and bovine inspiration for dairy barn cooling. Third party studies on dairy fans have shown that agriculture fans lower the temperatures in dairy barns by 6 – 8 degrees. The cow cooling results in proven increased milk production. Utilizing the Altra-Air fan for cow cooling also creates energy savings and bovine inspiration.

Envira-North Venilation

Envira-North Venilation

Envira-North Venilation