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Why Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds?

In 1999, Dean Throndsen, CEO of ACT, Inc., brought waterbeds for cows from Europe to the North American dairy industry. The large single bladder filled with water had potential, but Dean saw flaws in the design. In 2003, Dean patented the Dual Chamber Cow Waterbed where the baffle between the knees and hocks added consistency, stability, and comfort. Original DCC Waterbeds provide top-performing comfort, and our newest design, the DCC Waterbeds ISO, adds even more comfort.


The DCC ISO bed has two isolated water chambers for producers who desire even more cushion and consistency.

With a fixed volume of water, DCC Waterbeds support the cow's body weight through hydraulic pressure The DCC Waterbed ISO improves on the original concept, reducing variability even more.

Even more support for knees

Even more consistent cushion

Durable & comfortable



Extra Comfort

"The barn that we installed the ISOs in, it was a fresh cow barn, and we wanted the top-of-the-line beds in that barn. Right now on the market, for me, the ISO bed is the best option for cow comfort. I think the cows don't bottom hardly at all on the ISO beds. On the originals, it's possible that a cow can bottom out, but the ISOs are a little more forgiving as the cows stands up and lays down. To be totally honest, the cows utilize the original beds perfectly, too," said Mike Verhasselt.

Verhasselt Farms | Kaukauna, WI -- (1,023 original DCC Waterbeds, 556 DCC Waterbeds ISO)



Folks want something that lasts. Comfort over the long-term is the ultimate victory. "We saw our neighbors at Starbrite Colony have had DCC Waterbeds for eight years, so we knew they were durable. They are comfortable. My cows stay down and don't shift around. They're still. You can see they are comfortable...I like the extra protection of the ISO for the knees, and I don't have any swollen hocks," said Steve. Durability was a key factor in his choice to install the new DCC Waterbeds ISO.

New Rockport Colony | New Dayton -- (108 DCC Waterbeds)


Manure management

"Starting out, at my dad's place, we bedded in sand and would probably spend $10,000 a year on maintenance and repairs on the manure handling equipment. Now, at my facility with the waterbeds, I have not changed even a bearing on my lagoon pump in io years, and have done no repairs on my spreader. When you compare all of the maintenance we had to do on Dad's place with equipment and scrapers, DCC Waterbeds make so much more sense."

Steve Foley | Millington, MI -- (230 DCC Waterbeds)


Comfort for high-producers

"Our older cows need that extra comfort on their feet, body, and big udders. These cows are the money makers, so we are focused on keeping them comfortable. DCC Waterbeds do that," said Brittany VanderKinter of Collins Dairy, LLC.

Collins/VanderKinter family, Collins Dairy | Greenleaf, WI -- (230 DCC Waterbeds)


Save time & money, increase comfort

"We couldn't expand with our current manure pit because it was full of sawdust. So, we toured mattress facilities and weren't impressed. Then we went to a DCC Waterbed barn - no hock lesions and they were saving a lot in sawdust. [Today with the DCC Waterbeds, our] cows seem very comfortable. They have no problems getting up, and we have no problems with swollen hocks," said Cor. Cor & Cathy reduced sawdust use by 8o% and increased comfort at the same time.

Cor & Cathy Haagsma | Ponoka, AB -- (300 DCC Waterbeds)


Simple & comfortable

"[DCC Waterbeds] are both a simple and comfortable way to go. They're the best way to provide comfort without going the sand route. If we were putting up another free stall barn tomorrow, I'd put in waterbeds...From a comfort standpoint, with the sawdust-based stall that we had previously, the cows would use the stalls best the day you bedded, then it declined every day for a week. With waterbeds, every time they come back it's the same degree of softness. The waterbeds are hard to beat from a comfort and consistency standpoint."

Sam Goering | Dayton, VA -- (176 DCC Waterbeds)