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ZorbiSan® Bedding Conditioner

High absorbency bedding treatment for dairy applications

ZorbiSan bedding conditioner helps keep cows and calves that are in free stalls, calf hutches and maternity pens cleaner and drier. By reducing moisture, there is less bacterial exposure to teat ends, which can improve milk quality.

Bacteria is at its worst in the most important area of the freestall — the back, where the cow’s udder comes in contact. Apply ZorbiSan to the back 1/3 of the freestall to keep cows cleaner and drier.

The highly absorbent formula soaks up wetness caused by manure and urine in the bedding, keeping cows cleaner and drier. ZorbiSan absorbs up to 15 times more moisture than the leading competitor’s product and nearly 10 times more than lime.

ZorbiSan reduces ammonia odor — Because the low pH formulation reacts with ammonia, ZorbiSan helps reduce odors. The reduction of ammonia odor not only creates a more pleasant environment for workers, it also lets cows and calves breathe easier. Less irritation to nasal passages improves resistance to germs.

ZorbiSan extends bedding life — Through moisture absorption, ZorbiSan extends the life of bedding, therefore reducing bedding usage, which saves labor and money.